The Crazy And Unique Bihari Wedding Rituals You Must Know About

Getting married in Bihari style? Take a quick look at some beautiful Bihari wedding rituals which make the whole celebration vibrant and joyful.

02 Nov, 2022
The Crazy And Unique Bihari Wedding Rituals You Must Know About - blog poster

Indian marriages have a certain beauty that cannot be found in any other marriage. The vibrant colors and gorgeous costumes create an incomparable atmosphere. A Bihari wedding ceremony is another wonderful experience about the age-old rituals of the Eastern part of India. The beauty of a traditional Bihari bride in her wedding outfit is something that cannot be measured in words. Bihari couples always choose the top wedding photographers in Patna for wedding memory. Here is a detailed walk through the mesmerizing Bihari wedding rituals.

Pre-Wedding Ceremony –

1. Satya Narayan Katha

All the Bihari wedding festivity begins with a Satya Narayan Katha. This auspicious ritual is celebrated by the bride’s family by offering prayers to Lord Narayana. They also invite all the friends and relatives of the groom’s side to take part in this Bihari wedding ritual. The ceremony is started by a family priest who chants the Vedic mantras.

Satya Narayan Katha

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2. Cheka

Cheka is one of the wonderful Bihari marriage rituals which is similar to an engagement. This ceremony usually takes place at the bride’s home. Both the groom and bride exchange their rings in front of their family member. Make sure to hire a professional wedding photographer in Patna to capture the beauty of such a blissful moment.

Cheka - Bihari Wedding Ritual

3. Haldi Kutai

Haldi Kutai is one of the age-old marriage rituals in Bihar. All the married woman of the groom’s family makes a paste of turmeric on this day. The turmeric paste is applied to the groom’s body and then sent over to the bride’s house.

Haldi Kutai - Bihari wedding ritual

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4. Tilak

In this wedding ritual, the bride’s brother visits the groom’s house with a tilak thal. Then the brother of the bride applies tilak on the groom’s forehead and blesses him with sweets and gifts. He also gifts the groom his wedding sherwani and accessories is going to wear on the wedding day. The tilak ritual is celebrated to show the acceptance of the groom in the bride’s family.

Tilak - Bihari wedding ritual

5. Mandappachadan

Mandappachadan is Bihari wedding customs that demands the setup of the wedding mandap. The mandap is decorated with mango leaves and banana trees which is a symbol of good luck. Hire the best wedding photographer in Patna to capture some stunning wedding images.

Mandappachandan - bihari wedding ritual

6. Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony is one of the vibrant Indian wedding rituals that is filled with pure emotion and joy. On this day the bride wears gorgeous Haldi costumes with floral jewelry. The family member and relatives of the bride apply turmeric on the bride’s face.

Haldi Ceremony

7. Dhritdhaari & Matripooja

Followed by the Haldi ceremony the Dhritdhaari and Matripooja take place. Both families perform this Bihari marriage ritual to seek blessings from their ancestors. Along with that the bride and groom offer clothes or money during the pooja to ask any forgiveness from their ancestors.

Matripooja Bihari wedding ritual

8. Silpoha & Imli Ghutai

Silpoha is one of the most beautiful wedding rituals in Bihar. In the silpoha ceremony, the groom’s mother grinds rice on a grinding stone. This ritual is performed after sunrise to seek blessings from the gods. Followed by Silpoha, the Imli Ghutai ritual takes place where the maternal uncle feeds the groom a betel nut.

Imli Ghutai - Bihari wedding ritual

Wedding Day Ritual –

9. Paricchavan

The Bihari shaadi rituals for the wedding day begin with the Paricchavan ceremony. In this ritual, the groom’s mother performs an aarti before the groom leaves for the wedding venue. She applies the tilak on his forehead and blesses him for a happy married life.

Parichhavan - Bihari wedding rituals

10. Baarat Prasthan

Baarat prasthan is one of the joyful rituals of Bihari wedding. The groom leaves for the wedding venue in a beautifully decorated wedding car. The groom is followed by his friends and family in the wedding procession. After reaching the venue the groom is welcomed by his mother-in-law with a beautiful aarti.

Baarat Prasthan- Bihari wedding ritual

11. Jaimala & Galsedi

The Jaimala ceremony is one of the fun-filled wedding rituals in Bihar. In this ritual both the Bihari couple exchange garlands at their wedding mandap. After exchanging the wedding garlands the bride’s mother burns a betel leaf into ashes. This wedding ritual is called Galsedi. The ashes of a burnt leaf are then applied to the groom’s face to ward off evil eyes.

Jaimala - Bihari wedding ritual

12. Kangnabandhana & Kanyadaan

Kangnabandhana is a traditional Bihar marriage rituals where the priest ties a sacred thread on the right hand of the couple. The thread is made of cotton, mango leaves, colorful, rice, Haldi, and money. In the Kanyadaan ritual, the parents of the bride give her to the man of her dreams.

Kanyadaan - Bihari wedding rituals

13. Bhaisur Nirakshan & Pheras

Followed by Kanyadaan, the Bhiaisur Nirakshan ceremony begins. During this wedding ritual, the father-in-law and elder brother of the groom gift the bride their family jewelry. After this, both the groom and bride pray to their family deity and take seven rounds around the sacred fire.

Phera - Bihari wedding ritual

Post Wedding Rituals –

14. Kohwar Parikshan, Salami & Vidaai

Kohwar Parikshan is the first step in the Bihari post wedding rituals. The married ladies of the family check whether the couple has solemnized their marriage. After this, the bride’s family members shower cash on the couple while the bride is leaving for her new home. Vidaai is the most painful marriage rituals in Indian weddings.

Kohwar Parikshan - Bihari wedding ritual
Vidai - wedding ritual

15. Swagatarti, Mooh Dikhai

As soon as the bride reaches the groom’s house she is welcomed by her mother-in-law by doing an aarti. She pushes the copper vessel filled with rice and then steps inside the house. In this ritual, all the relatives and family members meet the bride and gift her gold and clothes.

Moohdikhai - Bihari wedding ritual

16. Chauka Chulai

Chauka Chulai. is the last wedding ritual in the Bihari community. In this wedding ritual, the grooms\s mother hands over the keys and household responsibilities to the bride. The bride then cooks 5 delicious meals to seek blessings from the elders of the family.


Chauka Chulai - Bihari wedding ritual

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