A Complete Guide to Odia Wedding Rituals, Traditions, and Customs

Like any other Indian wedding rituals, Odia wedding rituals have their beauty. Rig Photography will give you a brief guide through all of them.

26 Jul, 2023
A Complete Guide to Odia Wedding Rituals, Traditions, and Customs - blog poster

The Charm Of Odia Wedding Rituals

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Due to their cultural richness, Odia wedding rituals, customs, and traditions are beautiful and significant. Besides that, the colorful and enchanting ceremonies in Odia marriage rituals are bliss to watch. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar to cover your Odia marriage, then there's none better than Rig Photography. You can also check our work and services to get an insight about us.

You should always hire the best wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar within your budget to notice the magic. We know you are eager to know more about Odia marriage rituals and Odia marriage. Allow us to take you through them.

Odia wedding photoshoot of couple

Pre-wedding Ceremonies

There are a lot of ceremonies to cover in the Hindu pre wedding rituals, so let us take you through all of them.

1. Nirbandh Or The Ring Ceremony

Odia wedding rituals too follow any other Indian wedding traditions. In this ritual, the bride and groom’s family meet at a holy temple and exchange gifts as their word of mouth for the wedding. They mutually agree upon wedding their children by exchanging gifts like saree, jewelry, betel nuts, sweets, and fruits.

Pic of cake with ring for Nirbandh

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2. Mangan Or The Haldi Ceremony

Haldi is a part of every Indian wedding traditions which is celebrated a day before the wedding takes place. In this Odia wedding rituals, a paste of turmeric is applied on the face, hands, and feet of the bride and groom at separate venues by seven married women. 

The Haldi ceremony is considered auspicious as it is supposed to take away the evil ‘Nazar’ from the bride and groom’s life.

Odia wedding rituals of Haldi
Odia bride with her relatives on Haldi day

3. Jairagodo Anukolo Or Blessings From The Divine Power

In this wedding rituals, the bride and groom along with their families seek blessings from Lord Jagannath for a happy and successful married life. 

A havan is lit up with ghee and the fire of the ‘havan kund’ marks the beginning of a blessed marriage life for the bride and groom.

4. Nandi Puja Or Blessings Of The Ancestors

As Nandimukha is popular in Bengali weddings, the Odia families of both the bride and groom perform pooja separately in their homes to seek the blessings of the family ancestors for their children’s new life.

Odia Wedding Customs

5. Barjatri Or The Baraat

In the Odia wedding Rituals, the groom sets off to the marriage venue on the vehicle that has been sent to them by the bride’s father with his guests, friends, relatives, and family in grand possession. 

After the groom reaches the destination, the bride’s mother put a tilak on the groom’s forehead and performs mangal arati to receive the groom. Just like any other Hindu wedding rituals, this ritual too is a bubble of fun.

Groom on his baraat

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6. Kanyadaan

Kanyadaan is a must in every Indian wedding traditions and customs where the father of the bride put his daughter’s hand on the groom’s hand and takes vows from the groom to take care of his daughter as a guardian.

Hands of groom and bride in kanya daan for odia wedding

7. Hasta Granthi Melap

This Hindu wedding traditions mark the start of the transformation of the bride from a daughter to a daughter in law where the father of the bride again places both the children's hand on each other and put a mango leave on their hands to take traditional wedding vows to be together in sadness or happiness for life.

Pic of bride and grooms hand for hasta granthi

8. Saptapadi

In the Odia wedding rituals, Saptapadi is performed when the priest who is performing the wedding gives seven small mounds of rice to the couple. The Odia bride has to break these seven rice piles with her feet while her groom is by her side and take seven vows of marriage in front of the holy fire to keep the promise of togetherness.

Couple taking seven vows in front of relatives for their marriage

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9. Sindoor Daan

Any Indian marriage rituals is said to be incomplete without the Hindu marriage traditions of Sindoor Daan. 

In Odia wedding rituals too, the groom put an amount of vermilion on the groom’s forehead and takes her as his officially wedded wife in front of the holy fire and priests. In the Sindoor Daan ritual, the groom in marriage also put a mangal sutra around his bride’s neck as a symbol of marriage.

Groom weds bride by putting sindoor on maang
Pic of groom putting vermilion on brides forehead

Post-marriage rituals

10. Bahuna

Bahuna is another emotional after wedding rituals in the Odia Hindu marriage traditions, where the mother of the bride sings ‘Bahuna’ songs to depict her pain of parting with her daughter as her daughter sets to leave her parent's home.

The female relatives of the bride’s family join this ceremony in the Odia wedding rituals.

Bride is set for vidaai from her parent's home

11. Grihapravesh

As the bride reaches her in-law's home post-marriage, all the family members welcome her happily and consider her to be the Laxmi of the house. She has to overturn a pot of rice and beetle nuts to enter the house.

12. Basar Raat

Basar Raat takes place on the fourth day after the wedding, where the wedded couple is fed a roasted coconut and from that day onwards they start to live together in one room as husband and wife.

Groom and bride sitting in their wedding

13. Asta Mangala

Just like the Bengali traditional wedding rituals, Asta Mangala is also performed in Odia wedding rituals where the bride and the groom visit the bride's parental home on the eighth day to spend a night there. 

This ritual marks the end of the Odia wedding ceremonies with grand feasts, and merry-making.

Mother holding her daughters face in asta mangala ritual


Odia wedding rituals, traditions, and customs consist of a set of beautiful wedding ceremonies. As you got to know all about Odia weddings, we are sure you are going to love each of the customs they have.

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Happy faces of a couple on their wedding day

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