Decoding Marwadi Wedding Rituals - Everything You Need To Know

Marwadi wedding rituals are given the utmost importance in a Marwadi family. Rig Photography shall take you through the beautiful rituals from our lenses.

19 Jul, 2023
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Marwadi weddings are lavish and the marwadi’s always believe in a big fat wedding. We know that there are no between-the-lines for you if you are a Marwadi. 

The cultures, customs, traditions, and rituals of the Marwadi weddings need no separate introduction for its vibrant ceremonies and it deserves Marwadi wedding photography to cover the occasion. We know how much you value the Marwari rituals and that is why we have come up with the idea of decoding the Marwadi wedding rituals with you.

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Photo of a bride

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Roka Ceremony

Indian wedding rituals are all about fun and joy which also reflects their beliefs to deep-rooted cultures. In the wedding rituals of the Marwadi, the first ceremony that takes place is Roka.

The families of both the bride and groom fix the marriage date by putting tilak on the couple's forehead and having the final conversation about their children’s wedding plans.

The ceremony takes place by exchanging gifts and sweets to start a new journey together.

Pic of roka ceremony

Ceremony Rituals of Byah Haath And Ganesh Pujan

Byah Haath occurs at least twenty days or a week earlier to the marriage when all the ladies of the wedding family cook a sweet dish named Mangodi and sing mangal geet.

After the Byah Haath is over, the Marwaris start the wedding preparation with the blessings of Naandi Ganesh and other Gods. It is believed that Lord Ganesh himself bestows his blessings upon the bride and groom in the form of a child in this ritual.

Bhaat Nyotana As A Part Of Marwadi Wedding Rituals

In this ceremony, the maternal side of the wedding couples are invited by their respective mothers to join in the pious event of the wedding.

Bhaat Nyotana is followed by another ritual which is known as Bhaat Barna where all the relatives of the bride and groom give gifts to the mothers of the wedding couple.

Mehndi As A Part Of Traditional Wedding Rituals

Like any other Indian wedding, Marwadis too celebrate mehendi in their way. Mehndi is celebrated lavishly in the Marwadi wedding rituals where henna is applied to the hands and feet of the bride and groom to restore love, happiness, and faith in marriage.

The mehndi is celebrated by joyfully singing and dancing on both sides.

Pic of bride with friends

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Sagai: Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Sagai which is also popularly known as Mudda Tikka among Marwadis is one of the important rituals for weddings.

If you are Marwadi or if you are interested to know about Marwqadi customs and rituals then not knowing about the Sagai will be unjust to you.

In this ceremony, the groom along with his family visits the bride’s home to exchange rings just one or two days before the wedding to mark the start of their new marital journey.

Photo of ring exchange ceremony where groom is exchanging ring with his bride


Sangeet is another fun night included in the Marwadi wedding rituals. The friends, families, and relatives all come together in the merry-making and joyous night where they all sing, dance, party, and eat delicacies to fulfill the sangeet rituals in the wedding.

Image of bride dancing with her friends on sangeet event

Telbaan And Haldi: The Marriage Ceremony Rituals

In the Telbaan ceremony, the families put a thick paste of turmeric, curd, and mustard oil on the hands and feet of the wedding couples. They also prepare a sweet dish called ghughra for the bride and groom to give a sweet start to their new life.

In the Marwadi wedding rituals, Haldi is also called Pitthi Dastoor where the couple is doused in turmeric paste just like any other Indian wedding ritual.

Pic of bride and groom in their haldi ceremony

Nikasi And The Grand Baraat

Just when the groom is ready to reach the wedding venue with his Baraat, the sisters put a kajal tikka behind the ears of the groom to protect him from bad energies and evil eyes. 

The mother too feeds a spoon of sugar, rice, and ghee to the groom to give an auspicious start to the Baraat. In the Nikasi ritual, the sisters tie a golden thread around the car or horse by which the groom is going to reach the wedding destination.

The Baraat sets to reach the wedding venue along with the groom with his family and friends.

Groom with his baarat on the way to his wedding venue

Jaimala: Traditional Indian Wedding Rituals

In Marwadi wedding rituals, Jaimala is celebrated grandly where the groom and the bride exchange garlands of flowers before the Sindoor Daan.

Groom and bride exchanging jaimala on their wedding day as a symbol of vows

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Kanya Daan And Saptapadi

Like any other Hindu wedding, Marwari fathers too give the responsibility of the bride in the groom's hand by placing her hand over the hand of the groom and asking for a promise of staying together till the end of their lives from the groom.

After the Kanya Daan, the groom and the bride get up to take the seven vows in front of the holy fire by taking seven pheras when the priests chant marriage mantras.

Pic of groom and bride's hand placed on top of one another as the father of the bride kanya daan's his daughter

Sindoor Daan and Vidaai

The wedding ritual finally becomes successful when the groom puts the sindoor on the forehead of the bride and thereafter, they are married according to Hindu culture.

The Sindoor Daan is the most beautiful ritual that takes place in a Marwadi wedding.

After the marriage is over, the bride has to leave her parent's house and get to go to his husband's home. This ritual is quite emotional for the bride and her family as she bids goodbye to her family with eyes full of tears.

Pic of groom putting vermilion on bride's forehead

Pag Phera

Pag Phera is a Marwari post wedding rituals where both the groom and bride visit the bride's home a few days after their marriage where they are welcomed happily by the bride’s family.

This ceremony is followed by enjoyment, merry, laughter, and delicious dishes.


Now you know how beautiful and cultural Marwadi wedding rituals are. We hope to have shared with you the importance of these rituals in a Marwari family.

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