Sikh Wedding Rituals: Everything You Should Know About It

When its about a Sikh wedding ceremony, it comprise of smaller rituals. Deep down every pieces of rituals possess significance on the entire ceremony.

22 Dec, 2021
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When it’s about a traditional Sikh wedding ceremony, it comprises smaller rituals. Deep down every piece of ritual possesses significance on the entire ceremony. Take a cup of coffee and sit down to mingle in an interesting Indian wedding ceremony.

Pre-wedding rituals

  1. Choora Ceremony

It is the prime ceremony of the wedding, especially for the bride. This is so; because in this ritual a set of twenty-one bangles is selected by the mami (maternal aunt) and mama (maternal uncle). Basically, they gift it to the bride at the time of the Choora ceremony. Typically, this ceremony takes place on the wedding day’s morning.

At first, the set of colorful bangles (orange, pink, and red) is purified in the scattered rose petals into the milk. Then it is put on the wrist of the bride and covers with a pure white cloth. So, it cannot be seen by the bride herself till she gets completely ready for the wedding ceremony and puts on the wedding attire.

  • Gana Ceremony

In this particular ritual, a pure red holy thread is taken to tie the bride’s left wrist and the groom’s right wrist. It is believed that it will protect the couple from the bad presage.

  • Vatna Ceremony

It is a very common ritual where a paste is prepared from mustard oil and turmeric for applying on the couple for cleansing them and making them pure.

  • Gharoli Ceremony

This fundamental ritual refers to the visit to the Gurudwara by the relatives of the bride along with her sister. From there they will come back with an earthen pot filled with water with which groom has to bath post Vatna ceremony.

  • Mehendi

This ceremony usually takes place the day before the D-day i.e., wedding. The henna colour is considered as the symbolisation of the love and bonding within the couple. As much dark the colour as stronger the bond is between the going-to-be couple. 

Wedding rituals

  1. Haar Ceremony

On the very special D-Day, the sister of the groom supposes to tie the flower veil around his forehead. Then she will put on the currency garland around the neck commonly called “haar” ceremony. 

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  • Laavaan Phere

Then the families and relatives of both groom and bride will visit the Gurudwara sahib for the ritual Lavaan phere. This is the place where recitation of ardaas is done.

The Lavaan Phere is referred to the movement of the couple in the clockwise direction around their holy book (Guru Granth Sahib) while chanting 4 prayers together. This ceremony gets ended with a final prayer and by distributing the guruprasad.

Post-wedding rituals

  1. Doli

After the wedding ceremony gets over, the brides have to change the bridal outfits and put on the dress gifted by in-laws to bid adieu to the family.

  • Welcome

On her in-laws the newlywed couple is welcomed by the mother of the groom by offering little quantity oil to the main entrance prior to their arrival. It is a sort of celebration to welcome the bride in her new home.

  • Reception

A reception party is thrown on the behalf of the groom’s relatives for introducing the couple to their extended relatives in a formal way.

  • Pag Phera

This ritual refers to the visit of the bride to her maternal house for the very first time after wedding. She is greeted with blessings and gifts for commemorating her marriage life.

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